Does He Still Love Me

When you break up with some one it can be the hardest thing in the world.

After all the pain in loss you feel like shutting yourself in your bedroom and never getting out of bed again.

The pain can be so unbearable – like your heart was ripped out of you chest and eaten by a zombie – that you will lie there in your sad bed of filth and wonder of you will ever be normal again, ever rise from your tomb of darkness and ever to see the sun again, feel it’s healing warmth …

But as everyone knows not every breakup is forever. There any many stupid reasons that people break up. Even though people fight and break up does not mean their feelings end for each other. Many times as much as they hate it they can’t shake their feelings for the other person. it is almost as if they were destined to be together.

That may be the case for your current break up but when you are wondering “does he still love me” the most important thing to do right now is to give him his space. Don’t be too clingy or stalkerish.

does he still love me.jpg

You are going to have to get yourself under control and restrain yourself as you are going to have to give him the space and time he needs to figure out his life and emotions.

Calling, texting and messaging him on Facebook all the time is just going to piss him off and even if he still does have feelings for you are just going to drive him away from you. If you do you will ever find out if he still loves you.

So what you are going to do is still look for information about him but just be sneaky about it. Find out information about him without him knowing to give him the illusion that he is being a tough independent guy and able to live without your love.

If you are still on his Facebook and look for information that he may be interested in other women. Has he changed his relationship status? Is he friends with any new women since you have broken up? Is he liking and commenting on any of their pictures and status updates? If he is that may be a bad sign that he is moving on so proceed with caution in this situation.

If you are still friends with his friends you can chat or talk with them and see if he is still single and more importantly does he still talk about you … in a good way. But this tactic is a potentially dangerous one so you are going to have to be cautious. You are going to be cool about it so you don;t seem to desperate. Bring in up casually and work in naturally into the conversation. Acting like a desperate loser is just going to make his friends to run to your ex and tell him you were asking about him. Maybe flirt with his friends a bit as well in order to get them to shut up around him.

There are some more obvious signs that should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. If he is still, calling and messaging you that is a good sign that he is at least thinking about you, if not pining for you. But you have a to play it cool and not seem desperate and waiting for any signal from his universe (although you totally are). Act professional and just like friends … until you are confident he still wants you. Then you can lure him back into your clutches again.

Also it is hard to figure out the feelings of a person when they are unsure of what their feelings are themselves. So you might just have to give him plenty of time and space to figure out if their is a check mark or an x for you inscribed on his heart.

So just give him some time to find out his real emotions and get back to you but also do your own covert research as well.

Trust me soon enough you will find out the answer … “does he still love me?”

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